Monday, April 19, 2010


I am tired of the following questions:
1) how long did it take you to do that?
2) What do you use?
3) how do you sleep?
4) Have you ever taken anyones eye out?

but have learned this is the price that comes with a hawk so ostentatious, thank you thesaurus. In response I'M SHAVING IT ALL OFF. But when one reaches past the one foot mark one cannot simply take a pair of scissors to one's golden locks, no, no. An event must be made of it and so shall it be. On Wednesday, April 28th at Woody's, for the next Leather and Emerald I will be cutting my hair for charity. How does this help charity, other than stopping people from wanting to gouge their eyes out whenever I remove my hat, you ask? Well we'll be selling cuts, think you too could own a slice of Fenn's head.

So come down Wednesday, April 28th, at 9pm - Midnight, For another Leather and Emeralds and to bid a fond farewell to my hawk. It's all going to the MLT and TICOT charities, Youthline and PWA (respectively). And remember if no one pays up this hair ain't going anywhere but in your face.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fort Troff's Manoeuvrer's aka Black Party XXX

So this past weekend I was down in NYC for the black party's pre-party sex party... man that's a lot of parties. This one was part of Fort Troff's Manoeuvrer's also known as Black Party XXX. For those of you that don't know about the black party it's a big fetish party that happens in NYC. I was quoted 5,000 as attendance figures.

Maneuvers a much smaller and more intimate affair for loyal Fort Troff clientele was about 200 large. It had slings galore, dark areas, fuck benches, St Andrew's Crosses, piss zone. Some nice members of a Smarter Sex comity were also there doing instant HIV testing/viral load testing. Okay that last one sounds like a bit of a buzz kill but it's availability is nice specially for those who might have come from out of town and wouldn't normally have access to that kind of service.

The party overall great success I personally think I topped the total number people I've had sex with in a 4 hour period. I'll have to check with record keeping to be sure though. They are sadly closed for the weekend.

Lot of hot men doing hot things with hot stuff. Needless to say it got quite humid. However definitely a good time had by man

Monday, February 15, 2010

There's always Some one Better - Erotica By Fenn

In the world there exist people with powers. Those who can do things outside the range of normal people. We are not talking being bitten by radioactive insects or being the last son of a dying planet and having the bad fortune to land in Kansas. These are just people who have been born with their brain working just slightly outside the norm. Psyonics, kinetics, precognition all exist out there. Some times the people don't even know they have this ability, things seem to line up and they just assume they are lucky. Others, however, have learned what they can do and what it can do for them. They usually think they are the only ones with these little gifts. These people however were probably never told “no matter how good you are, there's always someone better.”

* * *

Jason stood across the room, he was eyeing Philip. Thinking about what fun he had with him. Phil on the other hand was thinking how stupid mistakes he had made had ruined his life. Last night it had just been a regular night out for him and his boyfriend. They were having a good time talking with friends when, he saw Jason. Suddenly it was if he had been drugged. The rest of the bar had faded away, he had to hit on Jason he had to have Jason. He could not even remember his boyfriends name. The crazy part was, Jason wasn't remotely Phil's type, he was sort of lanky not unattractive but not exactly Brad Pitt circa interview with a vampire either.

Phil on the other hand was built and beautiful. A red head but not really describable as a ginger. He reminds one of why god LOVES a fire crotch. Apart from that he was also a really great guy, honest, kind and up until last night he had never even thought of straying from his boyfriend. Suddenly he saw Jason out of the corner of his eye again and began to hate him, then he thought, it wasn't Jason's fault that he through himself at him.

Jason sipped his wine cooler and smirked to himself as he thought about last night.

He had come to the bar horny, this will almost always lead to trouble, but, sadly, never for Jason. He walked through the bar as though he was shopping. Then he saw Phil and his boyfriend, sadly Jason knew he could only have one of them, his Powers only seemed to work on one person at a time, but he too loved a fire crotch. Now that he had made up his mind all that was left was to catch Phil's eye.

This was actually harder than he had expected. This redhead seemed to really have locked his gaze with his companion, a regular person would have thought this love but not a person like Jason, if one could really consider some one with a moral compass that broken as people. Finally Phil noticed some one staring at him. Now Jason had him trapped, all he had to do now is think at him.

You really like that man you are looking at. It doesn't matter who you are with, in fact you aren't with anyone. You will go over and hit on him you will do whatever you can to be allowed to be fucked by him. To blow him. To serve him.

With that Phil put down his drink and walked over to Jason. His boyfriend thought he was playing around at first, but when he started talking to Jason and then kissing him. He couldn't deal he just ran out. Jason made out with his new toy for a while and then took him home.

Jason opened the door to his apartment Phil was sort of surprised at how messy it was.There was clothes and detritus everywhere. There was a small smell of old food. Don't worry about that mess you can clean for him after you services him properly. You should really be offering to blow him. Suddenly Phil turned to Jason and begged him to blow him. Jason at first pretended that he wasn't really interested in being blown. The poor mind fucked being that was Phil begged harder not seeing through Jason's completely crap acting in his haze.

Eventually Phil was allowed to blow his new idol and it was fortunate that his mind was being told just how much he loved this and how he couldn't live without it because. Jason was giving it to him hard. It was not accurate to say that Phil gave Jason a blowjob, it was FAR more accurate to say that Jason raped Phil's throat to within inches of needing serious medical attention. After about an hour of this. Phil suddenly had a thought.

It would be great for him to use my ass. Had he been in his right mind it might also of occurred to him that he really didn't like getting fucked and that with Jason's not exactly tiny unit, it would be a good idea to go slow. This thought was never allowed to make it to the fore front of his mind. He spend the next few minutes begging to be fucked. He had to agree to be fucked hard, but he managed to “convince” Jason to fuck him.

Jason was not slow and was not merciful he fucked and he fucked. Every time Phil thought he couldn't take any more he thought this pain feels really good. After that Phil would begin to moan with pleasure.

When Jason had finally finished with him he pulled out of what used to be Phil's tight ass and it was as though a massive flood gate had been opened. First there was the pain, he couldn't speak from the damage to his throat and he could barely feel his legs past the pain in his ass. Then there was the shame, he loved his boyfriend, he loved him so much and he hadn't even thought of him once during this encounter. Jason was almost impressed at how fast this boy could move considering how much pain he was clearly in. In under a minute he'd gotten semi dressed and had run out the door.

Jason's powers only lasted as long as he consciously held the thoughts in place. Now that he was done he had no reason to keep the boy submissive in fact letting them go usually got a speedier exit than mentally pushing them out.

Suddenly Jason noticed something weird Phil's boyfriend had come up to Phil, with a third man he did not recognize. This in and of itself wasn't the odd part, Jason often watched for his old toys in case he wanted to use them again and to watch any fallout he'd created. It was not odd for the partner of his play thing to confront him, usually publicly. Jason did love to watch the drama. What was odd about this however was that there was no drama. They hugged and just started talking as though yesterday's scene from the 'the Gays of our Lives' had never happened.

Phil no longer looked upset or even mildly uncomfortable when those two had entered it was as though their entire posture had changed. As though he had been taken control of again, but Jason was sure he wasn't doing anything to ease the suffering of the one he'd discarded. And why was his partner not appearing remotely upset, the person who left the bar in such a huff last night surely hadn't forgiven and forgotten already. Who was this person that was with Phil's partner? A friend, had he talked him down, depriving Jason of some top quality drama.

The man was a bit older than and bigger than Jason's type. Not to say that he was fast no he was what one might describe as a muscle bear. He was also quite tall standing at about 6'3 he towered over Jason's otherwise respectable 6' stature.

Jason caught his eye very easily and thought you should REALLY come talk to me. Jason was going to get to the bottom of this and then once he'd found out how this man had fixed what Jason had so callously wrecked. Then he was going to have him take the place of that drama, he wasn't sure how yet but that would come in time. Jason smirked as the man stood in front of him staring blankly at him.

This smirk quickly disappeared when the man's face regained expression and spoke the words:”Hi, my name is Colin, let's have a chat about what is considered rape, shall we.” With this Jason almost fell over backwards. How was he not in his grasp. Worse yet what did he mean ;rape' what was he saying?

“Not going to introduce yourself back? Well that's rather rude but probably to be expected from one of your quite low level of manners and morals.” Colin stated firmly as though he was now toying with Jason. “Besides Jason, yes I know your name and who you are and quite a lot about what you can do...”

Jason went white as a sheet after hearing his name. He had to put an end to this and now. You will leave this place now and -

That will be quite enough of that thank you. Jason suddenly heard in his head.

“Yes, I think anything you have to say you'll be doing verbally.”


“...Am I doing this. Lovely that you decided to join the conversation. You really must have such huberous” Jason stared blankly. “huberous it means you have a fat ego. And ass, okay, it doesn't mean you have a fat ass and yours isn't really bad although maybe could be firmer. Do you go to a gym...”

“I know what tuberous...”

“No, you didn't. I think you'll find I can see through lies rather easily.”

“I'm not going to...”

“Stand here for this? You tried to leave once you heard me in your head. I don't think that is going particularly well for you. In case you hadn't quite fully worked it out, I am like you I can go into people's heads push stuff around. Unlike you however I have the ability to read what's in there, I also don't have to be so common has to have them make eye contact or control one at a time.I also have a little something called class.

“Now back to the topic I came over to discuss with you. Rape, Websters defines rape as, well actually I don't know the exact wording, should have looked that up but I was busy fixing John's head. John, incidentally , is the man who's boyfriend you raped last night. He was not doing well about it. I ran into him on a bridge. Okay I didn't run into him but I can feel when people are really hurt and he was basically considering suicide.” Hearing this almost caused a twinge in Jason's face. He had never really considered there was more to it than drama, this twinge did not last long.

“Yes, so he was on a bridge, fortunately within a quick running distance of me, so I make it there fortunately before he jumped and ask him to have coffee with me. I personally do not like coffee but There was a little cafe around the corner I knew, they make lovely hot chocolate there. Anyway I buy him a coffee and we talk. Not that he remembers any of it now. But he tells me what happened..”

“Why didn't you just take the information out of him, you're so powerful” Jason spat out with bile in his voice.

“So glad you decided to join the conversation, now don't interrupt or I'll make you wet yourself in fact..” Jason suddenly felt warm and embarrassed. “Now it would be easy to take the whole nights events out of him but I thought it would be better for his psyche if he just got it off his chest. Plus I hadn't got anything to do that night.

“After he finished explaining I sent him home with the thought of how tired he was and how this would all seem like a dream tomorrow. Right now as far as he knows last night Phil started to feel ill and John took him home. This is also now what Phil thinks, they have no memory of what you did to them. Phil thinks the soreness he feels is well a side effect of what must have been food poisoning. I'll have to keep an eye on them make sure you didn't do permanent physical damage but if he's walking about he'll probably be find in a day or three.

Jason, stood there flabbergasted, and quite wet. Colin then turned to the busboy and said. “It seems as though my friend has had an accident, I'm sorry about this it's a problem he has sometimes. I'll take him home. But he does seem to have left a puddle. Colin put down a 20 as an apology.

The bartender looked a bit put off and said: “It's okay, but could you not bring him back”

“Of course I quite understand, and so does he” Colin looked at Jason. “Don't you?” Jason felt compelled to apologize.

“I am vewy sowwy” To his horror he sounded retarded.

With that Colin walked out of the bar with Jason not far behind.

“Please, please stop, I won't bother those two ever again. I promise” Jason begged as they were walking down the street.

“Oh joy, that makes it okay, what you did to them. Not to mention the literal hundreds of others you've done it to. You know you're not THAT bad looking, you could have actually made an effort. “

“Where are we going, what are you going to do to me.”

“We are going to your place, and don't worry. I am not going to lay a finger on you. You're not really my type, but you really can't be left to your own devices.

It wasn't long before they reached Jason's place. Jason unlocked the door and walked in. Colin quickly held his nose.”Hmm perhaps I was wrong and you do really hate yourself. Why else would you live like this.” Jason was taken aback by this, he'd lived like this forever, his parents had never made him clean his room. They had not been immune to his power and he had lived like a spoilt prince for a very long time. Was there something wrong with the condition of his place?

“I think it would be lovely if you cleaned it up for me. Don't you?”

Jason stood puzzled for a second. Then he replied “Yes,” He worked without pause for 4 hours until his place was extremely close to being clean. Colin stood at the door watching him, until a portion of the sofa was clean enough for him to sit on.

“Boy, oh you don't mind if I call you boy do you? I think you'll find it quite enjoyable.

“No, Sir” these words parted from Jason's lips with some surprise but he couldn't help but realize how good they felt.

“Hmm yes I like the sound of you calling me Sir. I think a lot of people will don't you?”

“Yes Sir”

“There's a good lad. Now tonight is going to be fun for you. We are going to a very special club, okay that's talking it up a bit much. But it's a leather bar. Have you ever been to one before. No of course you haven't. Despite the fact that you NOW really like the thought of serving, it wasn't really something you liked before now.

The boy stared blankly. “Now I can feel you struggling in there boy. In the far back of your mind I think it's time he and I had a final conversation.” With that Colin let Jason speak but did not let his body move anything but his mouth.

“Please.” Jason started to cry almost instantly. “Please I can't they all came onto me I didn't mean to do any harm. Please don't make me do this.”

“You're right they all begged you for it didn't they. They LOVED what you did to them.”

“Yes, they always felt good, they always loved it.”

“Of course, they did, and then you let them go and they still felt good. Oh, no wait you just cut them loose don't you. Well I can't have that happen. You see you work in the conscious mind not me though once I'm done it'll just be who you are to serve. It won't stop with sex, although be sure and understand you will be a hungry bottom. It'll be in your conscious mind and your unconscious. You'll beg for sex. Just like you made them beg, for every one forced you'll make up a dozen. But I am not a total monster this part that's fighting I can keep it contained but that would be torture for you. Until the day you die. It would better if you don't fight if you let me make you like it down to your very core. I can't do this without damaging you unless you just give in. Now do you want to live with torture or do you want to come here and lick my boot. If you do just relax your mind after that and I'll take care of the rest. “

With that Colin put his right foot forward, it was covered in a size 13, 14 hole oxblood doc martin. Jason knelt there crying for about a minute before he bowed his head and licked the boot. “Now just relax” Colin said in a firm but relaxing voice. Jason did and then kept licking after about 5 minutes he couldn't remember why he'd been crying.

“Are you happy boy?”

“Yes Sir, would Sir like head or my ass now?”

“No, boy I told you you're just not my type. You're my boy and I'm going to keep you for a while. You'll earn your keep by cleaning and we'll find you a good job, so you can earn your keep. You'll obey and respect my rules. But don't worry I'll take you out to have some fun You'll keep this place, and you'll keep it clean. So that when I have some one I need to take home you'll have a place to go. You'll also have a place to take tops back who need to use you. Won't that be fun boy?”

“Yes Sir” he said without pause or hesitation. There was no fighting only joy. Colin, knew he had to watch him for a bit. Make sure he'd got the programing just right. For all that Jason had done he was no longer that person and he needed to be kept safe, if only from himself. Eventually he would be let to live for himself. He'd always be sub but he still needed to be taught just who he was now.

“That's good now boy. You're going to do laundry so that you have something clean to wear out tonight to the club.I think it'll be quite an experience.


Sunday, November 29, 2009


This weekend here in Toronto we had MLT (Mr Leather Toronto). First off I want to congratulate everyone who entered on doing a fine job. All the volunteers for the contest, the seminars, the roasts and the weekend overall I think did a great job, the fact that I am one of them is neither here nor there. Secondly DAVID IVEY you did a great job and he is now the youngest person to ever hold the title. congrats. His name currently comes up 3rd when you google him we'll see if we can't up that slightly.

Secondly some house cleaning. I wear gear rubber is a large part of that and I love rubber ... OBVIOUSLY! However I will not be listening to people who say because I'm MIR that I MUST wear rubber at all times when out. Some times I'm coming home from work ... yes shocking as it is I don't wear kink gear to a web development gig. I know ... I know I'm disappointed in me too (please note sarcasm may be closer than it appears in blog). And if I have a sweet pair of leather pants I will wear those with a rubber top. It's fucking called winter rubber is fun to play in but Toronto's fucking cold and even if it weren't I mix it up THAT'S WHY IT'S FUN. Some one actually told one of the MCs at MLT that he couldn't wear leather and rubber. Next it'll be no white shoes after labour day. If I wanted to care this much about fashion I'd be gay.... oh ... wait ... hmmm well still ... I don't believe in limitations of what can be worn with what.

Yours in rubber (and leather and armour, neoprene, boots, NOTHING),


Sunday, November 22, 2009

the big upload

I have learned that google the best of the evil giant internet corporations has picasa, it's version of Flickr without the low limit flickr has. It is also really easy to build and maintain albums. So before some one shoots me, for such an obvious product placement, I'll get to the point. I have gone through all my photos which my OCD have kept well organized and put them onto the web. ENJOY
Photo Album on Picasa

Friends shouldn't watch friends ... on Xtube... much

Note this post was delayed I wanted approval from the people mentioned in it before I posted it. It's just common courtesy.

So you know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you accidentally watch your friend in porn. I know I do and now so does my friend Carolyn. Some one had just introduced her to Xtube when while going through the favourites (I'm Canadian there's a 'u' in favourite) and happened across a friend of hers, who for the sake of anonymity may or may not, but most likely 'may', have been me. Yet in spite of this she still gave me a lift to MLO, bless her heart and now Fenn damaged eyes. Let this be a lesson to ALL of you no good came from randomly clicking videos on XTube... use the search function.

MLO itself was a good time. I will miss Calling Brendan McGovern MLO... mostly cause I haven't done that yet. He stepped down with grace and awesomeness, that's a word right? He also donated his hawk back to the MLO organization by charging 10$ a snip. I'm told the total was 560$. It has however caused people to start a bidding war on my hawk and a preliminary date of February 10th (my birthday) to be the date of my dehawkation, now I KNOW that's not a word.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Invited to do a seminar at MLO and Everything to do with sex show

I have just been invited by the current Mr Leather Ottawa (MLO I say it emlo). To give a 45 minute seminar. He says they need people like me to do it... okay his exact words were 2 people dropped out cause of the flu, but it's all about reading between the lines.

MIR 2009, I'm 2010, has invited me to co-host a rubber seminar with him at the Toronto "Everything to do with sex show". He says we are experiencing people not wanting us to present as they don't want to be thought of as freaks. *strokes foot long mohawk* why whatever could they mean.